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The ultimate indoor cycling machine, this bike set the standard and keeps raising the bar. It is the most popular bike in commercial spin gyms across the country because of its durability and adjustability, and smooth ride.

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A true road-bike indoors, the Keiser M3i has a unique design and makeup that you will only find on Keiser bikes. Its sporty yet ergonomic seat is adjustable, which allows for a better seating position that fits users from 4’10 to 7 feet tall. Its Bluetooth technology allows you to train individually, or interactively with friends and family in a group setting. The Keiser brand, German-designed and American-made, is known for quality manufacturing.


V-Shape Frame
The V-Shape design mimics different bike frames by enabling the user to adjust seat and handlebars to be raised in conjunction with one another and fit longer or shorter legs, torsos, and arms.

Rear-FlyWheel Design
Instead of putting the flywheel directly under the rider’s sweat zone and other vulnerable mechanisms, it’s located on the rear of the bike. This makes it easier to clean and is better protected from sweat and corrosion.

Keiser M Series Pedal
The M series pedal is designed to be used for all riders. The curvature of the pedal matches typical shoe design to help reduce pressure points on the rider’s foot. The cage is integrated into the design of the pedal, not just added on; this results in maximum ergonomic efficiency and a premium experience for the rider from the moment they mount the bike. The pronounced edge also allows the rider to easily flip the pedal and insert their foot.

M Connect Display
The new M Connect Display has been upgraded to include the technology in our M Series Converter. It can connect to devices, such as phones, tablets, and select wearables without additional setup or external devices.

It can also share data, such as power, cadence, speed, and heart rate with a wide array of popular, third-party, health and fitness apps and on-demand training content as well as Keiser’s M Series apps on connected devices.

Magnetic Resistance
The Poly-V belt is the key to Keiser’s drive-train design because it transmits very high loads over very small pulleys, achieving a good road-bike experience:

  • Without a perimeter-weighted flywheel
  • Without a more complicated drive-train
  • Without the unnecessary noise and vibration of a cog belt

M Series Saddle
The M3i comes with a saddle that includes 4-way adjustability, providing a classic road bike experience for a wide variety of users.


Keiser designed their adjustable seat mount to fit all standard bike saddles. This gives you the option to add your choice of saddle for that truly perfect fit.



  • Height: 49” / 1245 mm
  • Width: 26” / 661 mm
  • Depth: 51” / 1296 mm
  • Weight: 92 lbs / 42 kg

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