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Inviting and easy-to-use, the Life Fitness Circuit Series was designed as a great introduction to circuit training, with push-button controls and no set-up adjustments. The Life Fitness Circuit Series Squat is a great workout for strengthening the lower body. No set-up adjustments and intuitive push-button controls make the squat an inviting introduction into strength training. Incremental resistance adjustments allow exercisers to easily measure their progress, which makes it ideal for group or long-term strength training.

The Life Fitness Circuit Series was designed to eliminate workout intimidation for novice strength equipment users by combining an appealing, low profile, easy-to-use design that requires no set-up adjustments, with consistent and low starting resistance levels that gently introduce users to weight training. The 10 individual strength machines in the Circuit Series utilize the Lifeband Resistance System, which features smaller increment resistance adjustments that are chosen by a push-button control system, and biomechanically correct natural movement patterns. The Circuit Series also includes an abdominal bench for developing abdominal and core strength.

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  • Ergonomic design ensures an effective workout and feels natural
  • Push-button controls are less intimidating than traditional pin systems
  • Utilizes the Life Band Resistance system
  • Consistent resistance levels
  • No set-up adjustments
  • All foot platforms are molded rubber with a slip-resistant texture
  • Proprietary Lifeband Resistance System technology provides a smooth and consistent resistance profile regardless of speed of movement
  • Resistance levels are correlated throughout the series


  • Dimensions 53″ L by 42″ W by 45″ H
  • Weight 251 Lbs.

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