OCTANE ADX (preowned)


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Building on Octane’s long heritage of innovation and performance, the ADX commercial fan bike boasts Octane’s trademark durability, with heavy-duty construction and a moisture-repellent frame.

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  • 26-Blade Performance Fan
  • Single Stage Belt for Instant Activation
  • Self-Powered Console
  • Calibration Technology
  • Moisture-repellant, Double-Coated Steel Construction


Exercisers burn more calories on the ADX bike compared to other commercial air bikes at the same RPM* due to our custom designed performance fan. This enables the user to generate more watt power efficiently.

The ADX commercial fan bike is equipped with a premium, 26-blade performance fan and weighted inertia ring to deliver progressive wind resistance and smooth motion, ensuring your output maximizes your input for safe start-ups and slow-downs.

*Engineering internal study versus leading competitor fan bike at the same RPM. Individual results will vary.

Optimal Biomechanics

Biomechanically correct positioning delivers proper knee placement for maximum engagement with each pedal stroke on our commercial exercise fan bikes.

  • Solid Construction
    Double-coated steel body and moisture-repellent frame rigorously tested to ensure longevity. Frame platform equipped with structural support and four contact levelers for ultimate stability.
  • Customized Comfort
    Designed for extra comfort, the ADX commercial fan bike has multiple adjustment options to accommodate different size users. The oversized, cushioned seat can be adjusted forward and backward, as well as up and down.
  • Maximum Results
    Users determine the intensity level and resistance – settle into steady-state cardio or go hard with intensity training. They can also focus on the upper body by placing feet on stationary anti-slip footpegs.
  • Low-Impact Options
    Beginner exercisers or those recovering from an injury can both benefit from low-impact, total-body cardio workouts on the ADX commercial upright air bike. Users can set the intensity of their workout and control the pace at all times.


The digital display on the ADX commercial upright air bike delivers essential stats at the user’s fingertips while the tachometer visually signals the user’s output. Its simple and intuitive design tracks performance in heart rate, RPM, distance, watts and calories.


Facilities can calibrate the ADX commercial fan bike according to atmospheric conditions such as temperature, altitude, and humidity to help ensure more accurate workout data.


With the HIIT setting, users tackle short bursts of all-out effort combined with recovery. Invigorating workouts such as 20/10 Interval, 30/90 Interval, or custom interval routines motivate users to improve their fitness level.

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